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Late Night Surprise

Posted by Lee on December 1, 2014 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (217)

Vancouver Island , Courtenay , British Columbia

The BCSO  received this report not even 24 hours after it happened .

#1: This report comes from the Courtenay area . The incident happened November 17th-2014 of last month .

This report was told to me by long time member and good friend Josh of the BCSO . Josh followed up the report by going with the witness to the exact location the day after this incident occurred , Nov 18th-2014 .

As with many of my reports the witnesses personal information and exact location will be omitted from this report . 

Here is the report as told to me .

Date of incident :  November 17th - 2014

Time of incident : Between 11;00pm and 11:45pm

Approx temperature at time of incident : close to +2 degrees. Sky clear .

Class/Type of report ; Visual sighting


The spot was picked by the witness as a good spot to take a girl for some time alone .

We will give the witness a fictional name for this story , "Earl" . 

The couple arrived at the location of incident at around 11pm . After spending about 45 minutes together in the truck, Earl temporarily stepped outside  but feeling uneasy quickly returned to the safety of his truck .Earl then turned his headlights on . To Earls astonishment he see's 2 red eyes looking back at him from a distance of about 100 feet .

Earl states he locked eye's with the creature for about 3 or 4 seconds . The creature then turned its head slightly looking up the hill on the side of a dirt road in which both Earls truck was parked and the creature was standing . The creature then proceeded to step off the side of the dirt road turning one last time to look in the direction of Earl . The creature then moved up the hillside disappearing in to the darkness .


Josh followed up this report the very next day by going with Earl to the location of incident . While there josh noted Earl was feeling uneasy and had goose bumps .

Josh talked to Earl more in depth about the possible height of the creature . The conclusion was that it stood between 7 feet and 8 feet tall .

Josh then asked about whether or not the creature was standing on 2 feet or possibly on all 4 . Earl said with out any doubt the creature stood on 2 feet . It was very clear .

Josh noticed the hillside the creature went up is covered in moss . Josh also observed what looked like a possible large track on the dirt road where the witness claimed the creature stood .

 Another note to mention is that well the couple was parked for 45 minutes, they had ,the windows rolled down and the music cranked . This is quite possibly the reason for the Sasquatch's presence in close proximity to the couples truck .


I then contacted another member of my team Cindy, who has spent countless hours in the field and who has become pretty savvy with sound recording devices .After giving Cindy the particulars she set up 3 sound recording devices in 3 locations triangulating the reported sighting location . 

Also noted is the sighting location in proximity to a sparsely populated area of humans which is about 3 to 4 klms .

This investigation is on going . This report may be slightly altered and added to as the investigation continues .

Stay tuned .....................










Sleeping Sasquatch

Posted by Lee on December 15, 2013 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (149)

                                             Sleeping Sasquatch


Incident Type : Visual Sighting

Location : Interior of British Columbia

Year : 2011

Month : October

Day : 29th

Time of day : Mid Afternoon

Reported to the BCSO Dec 11th-2013

The witness has asked to keep the location of this report private . I've always respected my witnesses privacy so the location will not be mentioned or discussed any further .

The witness was out moose hunting and was driving at the time of his incident .

Report :

The witness had been hunting for some days and found the hiking to become very tiresome and had noticed scat in areas he'd previously been , he suspected he was being tracked by a Grizzly .

On this day the witness decided to drive his jeep to scout out the area's . The witness said he'd been driving for about a mile when his incident occurred .

The following is what the witness observed in his own words .

" I saw what I thought was a carving in a leaning fir tree . The carving was of a hairy man sleeping with his back to a fir tree, His hands across his abdomen , his feet were flat on the ground , knees bent .

I was 25 feet from the carving . I had stopped by now and was really looking over the carving .

It was the same color as the fir wood ,reddish brown . It was sitting in direct sun light and shone like it was varathaned .

It's head was leaning back with it's face to the sun .I saw the large brow ridges, closed eyes and broad nose . It was mostly covered in hair .

When I was looking at how the hair was grouped together and flowing down it's body , I realized that this was not a chain sawn carving like any I had ever seen before . I thought it must of been hand carved .

I wondered why the artist had grouped the hairs together like an un-brushed long hair dog ?

At this point I sucked in breathe (not knowing I was holding my breathe in ) and said , " how beautiful " .

I then turned to my right , reaching for my camera ,as I started to get out of my vehicle, I looked and noticed the carving was gone ? It didn't even make a sound" .

The witness never told anyone about his incident because he never really understood what it was he had seen that day .

He also doesn't know why he thought it was a carving at the time other then the fact the Sasquatch didn't move and was reddish brown, the same color as the fir tree it was leaning up against .

The witness also mentions of another report in the area . His daughter and her husband had a night time encounter . They had a Sasquatch run across the road in front of there headlights .

Important note : The witness was driving his jeep in bull low as to keep it quiet well looking for moose . This is when his incident occurred .









Sasquatch Lifts Truck

Posted by Lee on April 18, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (415)

Sasquatch Lifts Truck Onto It’s Side North of Campbell River ,Vancouver Island British Columbia


"I live in Campbell River Vancouver Island British Columbia and have had experiences. You wouldn’t believe, I will not go into the woods alone anymore, not even in my truck.

I had my truck lifted and placed on the passenger side one night while parked waiting for a friend just north of Campbell River 

Whatever it was ran right back into the bush where it had come from and screamed exactly like the guys on the “Finding Bigfoot” show. I took off right away and called the police and all I got was laughed at since there was no damage done to my truck".

I found this report on line . The report was added to the site in March 0f 2013 .

BCSO Members Find Possible Tracks In Snow

Posted by Lee on March 4, 2013 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (209)

The British Columbia Sasquatch Organization investigates possible Sasquatch tracks found by BCSO member Kerry and her husband on Saturday,February 23rd/2013 , south of Courtenay .


The tracks were located in the mud bay area . Exact location will not be disclosed as active research has commenced in this area .


The tracks were brought to my attention Saturday evening (feb 23rd-2013) shortly after they were found . Kerry gave me direction to the location to investigate further .


I teamed up with fellow BCSO member Cindy (aka Coastalcinder ) on Sunday morning, February 24th/2013 to find and document the tracks .


I also wanted to investigate the general area around the alleged tracks for any further evidence .



Weather details : Cloud cover , raining and breezy with a temperature of + 4 degree's .



We located the tracks with relative ease thanks to Kerry's great directions !


The area had sections of patchy snow and the tracks we investigated were in the snow .These tracks were also in a state of melt .


This means they were noticeably melting and lacked any internal definition ( no toe shaping)


The biggest plus for me with this track evidence was the way in which the animal walked . One foot directly in front of the other. Sasquatch track evidence documented and collected in the past by many other investigators/researchers have repeatably shown that the Sasquatch walk placing one foot directly in front of the other leaving the trackway in almost a straight line of travel .


Secondly the heel to heel stride was greater then that of a human stride ! Cindy and I searched the area thoroughly but came up with nothing else in addition to the tracks .


After spending a couple hours on the scene collecting data, we slowly made our way back to the vehicle . As we were driving out approximately 1klm or a little less from where we had parked the vehicle, we hit a straight stretch on the logging road when we noticed a large cougar standing on the road about 350 ft in front of us , it then walked into the tree's on our right hand side and was gone . I'm guessing the cat to be almost 200lbs , it was a huge cougar ! It's not often we get to see these large cats in the wild, so a side from seeing a Sasquatch, a cougar to me is the next best thing here on Vancouver Island !



The following is the data which was collected and recorded at the scene .



Average size of tracks : 14.5 " long


Average width of tracks @ ball of foot : 6"w


Average depth of tracks : 2 -3/4" d


Average stride measured heel to heel : 49" s


Total tracks found in trackway :7 total



Thank you to Cindy, Kerry and her husband for your keen eyes and continued observations in the field ! I appreciate all the time and effort you guy and gals put in !







Woman Snaps Picture of Sasquatch type Creature

Posted by Lee on August 26, 2012 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (9)

I recieved a story from a woman on Vancouver island who claimed to have taken a picture of a possible Sasquatch on/near her property .

After a couple emails back and forth she sent me a copy of her picture .

The witness at this time would like to remain anonymous and does not want her picture released .

I have reviewed the picture and it does appear to show a Sasquatch type figure at a fairly close range .

I have shown this picture to a few members and have got their opinion which at this time I am not releasing . I am searching for a professional in photography to review this picture. After a lengthy phone conversation with the witness she has granted me access to the original photo and negatives .

The BCSO will update this story as progress is made .




Possible Sasquatch observed near Pearl lake , Vancouver Island

Posted by Lee on June 8, 2012 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (67)

Witness observes possible Sasquatch on mountain near Pearl lake , Vancouver island .

I talked to the witness directly about his incident on june 5th/2012. The witness is an avid outdoorsman and has been for many years .

The following is what the witness told me .

The incident happened in september of 1997 on a mountain near Pearl lake .The witness was hiking/hunting when he came to a steep ridge near the top of a mountain . Looking down the mountain, the view was un-obstructed and the witness could see for about a kilometer down the mountain side .

Well looking down the witness noticed a black colored figure . Wanting a closer look, he used his 9-power scope which was attatched to his rifle to get a closer look . He observed the creature sitting on a large boulder . The creature then turned itself sideways and pushed itself off the boulder using its 2-arms and landing on it's 2-feet , it then proceeded to walk away on 2-legs .

The witness went on to say that what he saw was definitely not a bear or any other known animal . The witness also mentioned though the figure lacked definition due to the distance , their was no question that it was covered in blackish fur , it had 2-arms and 2 legs. He again reiterated that it was not a bear or any other aniaml he had ever seen .

This same witness had another incident the following year on Mt Washington . He was hiking an area near the top of the mountain . On his way back he went thru an area and noticed 4 or 5 large boulders which had not been there earlier .

The witness said that these boulders were huge and way to big to be moved by humans . I then asked him if it was possible that a rock slide had happened just prior to him returning to the area ?

The witness said that there was no chance because landslides have different sized rocks and dirt . If it was a slide, these rocks would have been grouped together . These particular rocks were spaced apart by a large distance and had come from an area above the trail .

I believe the witness to be honest and truthful with what he told me .



Sasquatch Activity near Burns Lake B.C.

Posted by Lee on May 27, 2012 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (2)

I recently recieved a report from the Burns lake area . The following is the information which was givin to me .

The witnesses were in there trapping cabin and had just went to bed when they heard some tree knocking. The sound sounded like a baseball bat hitting a tree. This happened twice . One of the witnesses then proceeded to the cabin door and called out in an attempt to scare off whatever it was. He was then answered with a loud deep call of which he had never heard before. He then closed the door, and shortly after 2 objects were thrown onto the cabin roof. The incidents then stopped .

This incident happened May 19th/2012 .

The BCSO is still looking in to this report and will update as the information comes in .



Latest Reports (April 6th/2012)

Posted by Lee on April 7, 2012 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (83)

# 1 October 2011 , Near Campbell River , British Columbia . Class 1 sighting report

Possible Sasquatch Observed In Slash .

Two friends were hunting near Campbell River when they split up and went in different directions .

When the hunters met up a short time later the following is what was said ;

Friend # 1 : "did you see anything out there ? "

Friend # 2 :" Yes , I saw something " .

Friend # 1 : "What did you see"?

Friend # 2 : "I'm not sure ? "

Friend # 1 : " What do you mean , I'm not sure ( laughs) ?"

Friend # 2 : " I mean , I don't know ? I thought it was a person at first , it was standing in the middle of a slash and then walked toward the tree line disappearing in to the forest . What person would be standing in the middle of a slash and then just walk in to the forest ? "

Friend # 1 : "Did you put you binoculars on it ? "

Friend # 2 : "No , I left them behind ."

Friend # 1 : "Why didn't you put your scope on it ? "

Friend # 2 : "I'm not aiming my rifle at it ! If it was a person, I don't want to scare him by aiming my rifle at him . "

The hunters know the area well . They claim to be the only people in this area at the time .

There were no other vehicles or campers observed in this area at the time of this incident .

The figure was observed walking on two legs .

# 2 : September 1969 , Near Rossland , British Columbia .Class 1 sighting report .

Sasquatch Observed Drinking from Creek .

This encounter happened to fellow BCSO member Kerry . The following report is in Kerry's own words ;

" My brother, his girlfriend, myself and a friend of mine left Rossland in the early evening. Our idea being to go watch for UFO's on the top of the summits.
I was 17 yrs old at the time. It was on what we called The Summit's road (Old Rossland Cascade Hwy), a dirt road with many hair pin turns, twisting up along the side of two mountains to the summit.

My sighting of BF was quick but enough for me to know exactly what I was looking at. It was grey coloured. I mostly saw his back and legs, hair seemed coarse, and thick. He also seemed more slender then I would have thought. He was tall though.

"He" was bent over the creek and I assumed he'd been drinking water, he stood, turned, took one long stride toward the hillside, and then stepped up a dirt bank and was gone up into the trees within moments. All this took place within the glow of the car headlights.

For a moment I couldn't take it all in, and then heard my friend Val, also in the backseat, sobbing beside me.
All I said to her was, "Did you just see what I saw?" All I heard was her shakey voice whispering. "Yes." she was very frightened. I think I recall her saying, "What was that!?"

My brother and his girlfriend in the front seat (brother driving) never saw BF because he was readying for the hairpin corner, and was looking in that direction, and not straight ahead where the headlights shone in that moment. (his girlfriend was talking and looking at him) so she never saw anything.

The next day we went back up to look for any kind of sign but it being fall, frost had hardened the ground. We were stunned when we saw how high the bank was he had easily stepped up onto. I was looking up at the top of the bank so 5' 2" or more.
The bank was sloped steeply, dirt with some rocks, grass, and trees/bush at the top. We found no footprints.

Though it was quick, I will never forget what I saw, and even after all this time, 43 yrs. I can still see it in my minds eye ."

# 3 : March 2012 , Near Duncan , British Columbia . Class 2 Footprint report .

Sasquatch Footprints Found .

While biking on Mt Provost near Duncan , witness finds possible Sasquatch tracks near Elk remains .

The following is what the witness said ;

Today March 31 2012, while mountain biking on Mt Prevost.

Turned off Prevost Main Line left on to Satellite Rd at around the first drainage cut in the road on your left is a very large number of Elk bones, obviously dumped by poachers (some of the bones are cut clean) there are some very large depressions resembling foot prints, the most distinguishable being at least 15 inches long. I asked a friend to look, I wanted his opinion. He also said they look like foot prints.



Latest Reports

Posted by Lee on January 21, 2012 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (206)

Latest reports ( January 21st/2012 )

#1: family reported multiple Sasquatch sightings near the Quinsam river outside of Campbell river .

These sightings started in October/2011 and ended sometime in November/2011.

Accompanied with these sightings was a foul smell .

The BCSO has done an initial investigation into this report with no evidence found at this time .

#2: Mother reports sons incident which happened new years eve 2011 . Possible stalking at Nancy Greene lake outside Rossland B.C .

Witness stated well setting up for a new years eve party at a cabin near Nancy Greene lake , loud noises were heard in the bushes surrounding the cabin , these noises appeared to the witness to be somewhat threatening .His dog who has had many encounters with wildlife including several encounters with bears was so scared he ran under the table inside the cabin .

The witness also stated when he went outside the cabin to investigate , he felt like he was being watched as he could hear branches snapping and cracking .

He was alone at the this time but when his girlfriend showed up they promptly left .

The witnesses friends later showed up to the cabin to find no one there and they to had a similar experience .

On Jan 16th/2012 the witness returned to the cabin to do some investigating and found large human like foot prints with a 6' stride between tracks .

No pictures , video , castings or measurements were takin .

Deep Bay Area Investigation

Posted by Lee on September 27, 2011 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (51)

The BCSO received a report of possible Sasquatch activity in the Deep Bay area .

Witness claims while hiking a trail to a cave a long a creek he had frequented many times before that he observed large boulders that had been moved around just outside this cave, he also noted the boulders to large to be moved by humans. Witness also smelt foul odor coming from just inside cave and believed some sort of animal to be living inside .

The BCSO decided to investigate this report .

We headed into the trail under heavy rain at 10:15 am Sept 25th/2011 . We noticed pretty quick that we were under dressed for this investigation as we were becoming completely soaked . We also noticed the creek was rising rapidly but decided to push on , about 15 or 20 minutes in , we came to a clearing at the creeks edge, we decided to stop and investigate .

Almost immediately I noticed to my right a large track ( 14.25" long ) , I said to Josh " look at that track " Josh replied by saying "I see it ". We took photo's and the required measurements for data and then covered the track with leaves to stop the rain from any further destruction of the track.We would be back later to cast the track .

It was at about this time we both heard what sounded like a rock being thrown into the creek from the bank on the opposite side of the creek .

Josh and I both looked at each other saying " did you hear that "? We spent the next 15-minutes observing the bank and tree's for any sign of what ever threw the rock . There were no further incidents with rocks being thrown . I determined the rock to be in-conclusive as to evidence of the Sasquatch .

Heavy rains could of loosened the rock from the bank, forcing the rock to roll down and into the creek .

As we pushed further up the trail we observed the water rising , taking notes of how high we thought it to be rising .The rain continued to hammer us all the way to the falls which was the point we decided to stop due to already being completely soaked and in order to continue we would be climbing up a steep grade with water and mud pouring down on us , the trail seemed to peter off their as well .

We both decided that we would attempt this trail another day when the weather didn't offer us such a challenge .

Heading back out offered us a different challenge , as we made our way back in the lower lying areas we noticed the creek started to spill over and onto the trail . We went through the water on several occasions , it was only 4" or 5" of water the first couple times but as we moved closer to where we discovered the track we hit a spot on the trail where the water was at least 2' deep and hadn't been there an hour earlier , in this spot, to our left was a hill allowing us to move around the creek and a couple logs helped us just far enough to get out of that flooded area .

After another 10- minutes we hit a spot resembling a 16' wide river, it had cut a path across the trail , there were 2-dry spots roughly in the middle, these spots allowed us to jump across .

We finally made it back to the track and observed that the creek had taken away about 5-feet of beach .

I quickly mixed the plaster and poured it into the track .

The next 40-minutes waiting for the plaster to set was like standing fully clothed in the shower with just the cold water on .

After retrieving the cast , we quickly bagged it and headed toward the truck but before we could get to the warmth of the truck mother nature threw one more curve ball, a new set of rapids across the trail . We stood looking at this water and noticed a fallen tree to our left about 7' or 8' off the ground .

After contemplating a slippery balancing act over this log I looked at Josh and said "to hell with this , that water can't possibly make me any more wet then I already am , I'm going through it ". The first step was about 18" deep , I could feel the water pulling at my leg , two more steps put me back on dry land , Josh followed right behind .

10 minutes later we were back at the truck with another investigation completed .


Temp steady at +12 , breezy , heavy rain and trail flooding .

14.25" long track found ( left foot ) , measured , photo's taken , video taken and plaster cast made .

Possible rock thrown into creek well collecting data from track , this happened only once, leading me to believe it was possibly a loose rock on the bank rolling into creek ( can't be certain ) observed bank and surrounding tree's for approx 15-minutes did not see or hear anything .

Final thoughts ;

I found this investigation to be quite the adventure due to the extreme rain and flooding of trail . I am excited to have found a track which lends credibility to the witnesses observations .

We did not find the cave but believe it to be there. Under more ideal conditions I believe we will find the cave .

Future research is required in this area .



Above picture : Track found and measured near creeks edge .

Above picture : Track casted and ready to lift .

Above picture : Holding finished cast

Above picture : Creek Cast measured