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Kwai Lake Incident

I  received a report jan 6th/2010 from a man who may have had an experience with a Sasquatch near Kwai lake in Strathcona park,during the summer of 2006.

The following account is that of the witness:

One night in the late summer of 2006 ,2 of my friends and I had this crazy idea to go hiking .

We went and bought some flashlights and started our hike from Mount Washington parking lot at 10pm.We were having a few drinks and not worrying about anything , the moon was bright enough to see when we were hiking  the rocky sections but for the wooded areas we needed flashlights.We were just passing an open area and heading back into a wooded area with flashlights on , one of my friends stopped and said "hey guy's listen.....nice,quiet".(Too quiet but I didn't realize) My friend said "the sound of silence".Then all of a sudden it was like a hundred birds squawking right behind us , so loud you could feel it pounding your chest. I screamed "SASQUATCH": like a reflex without even thinking about it we started running and quickly ran out of energy. We huddled behind a large stump which was covering our backs . We then took off our back packs and took out our hunting knives,we turned off our flashlights and prepared for battle. It sounded like the sound was moving around us but not getting any closer so after a few minutes of being totally freaked out we quietly put our packs back on and got out of there. As we walked the sound faded away from behind us and we started to feel more safe . We got such an energy rush knowing we witnessed something amazing.


Follow up:

I asked the witness to describe the sound he heard in greater detail, the following was his explanation;

"The only way to describe it is that it was like a gogoll,gogoll,gogoll,gogoll,gogoll,gogol it was continuous , no breaks between , we were actually thinking there was more then one like one after another going back and forth and it may of been smashing branches and stomping to get that powerful bass sound . I don't think it was following us . I think it just wanted us out of it's neck of the woods".

I also asked the witness if he or his friends ever had a visual of what might of made the noises and the witness said "We had no visual and I don't regret it , I don't think I could of handled it at the time. Whatever it was , it was big".



Witness thinks it was aug 2006 , he could not confirm exact date of incident.

The experience happened in a wooded area about 2-klm from Kwai lake .

The witness had not heard of any previous incidents in this area.

The moon was bright , no clouds in area .

Between May and Aug of 2006 there were several incidents all over Strathcona park which included possible Sasquatch sightings , rock throwing reports and vocalizations.

Wildlife biologist years earlier had found and lifted plaster moulds of Sasquatch tracks not far from this report at Helen Mackenzie lake.