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Bigfoot - Comedy Relief


This section of the site was made to take a look at the lighter side of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot phenomena .

As a serious researcher-investigator , I've always taken  a serious approach to the topic . I've also fought with myself  over the last 5 years on whether or not to add a section like this to the site .

Well doing my research over the years online I've come across many great video's on the topic of Sasquatch , those of which I considered worthy, were added to the site .

Along the way I've  also come across many video's which I felt were doing more harm then good for serious research .

Some of these video's at the time made me out right mad and annoyed . I felt that some people , particularly the ones making fun of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot subject on YouTube were doing more serious harm to advancements with mainstream science on the topic of Sasquatch .

I've come to realise that science isn't gaging our advancements on the subject of Sasquatch evidence based on silly - goofy Sasquatch video's made by people on You Tube .

Science could careless about people mocking the Sasquatch on line . Science only cares about hard evidence which is presented to them via through scientists , researchers, investigators and witnesses . 

Now , as far as my humorous side goes , to be honest , a side from the videos which have annoyed me  over the years their were also video's which made me laugh . These laughable videos, some of which I watched multiple times are the video's which I'm willing to put online for others to see .

Regardless of how serious those of us are in proving to science that these animals actually exist . We all have a lighter side . It's this side which I believe balances us as human beings . Life can't always be taken seriously , we've gotta loosen up some times . It's okay to laugh .

I hope you enjoy , " Bigfoot - Comedy Relief "




News Reporter on hunt for Elvis .

This was added because of the "Sasquatch undertone" . Old school Jim Carrey .

Crazy Ron Talks Sasquatch

Crazy Ron talks passionately about the Sasquatch .

Bobo On Conan

Messing With Sasquatch .

Rick Dyer - LOL

Rick Dyer ,self proclaim " Best Bigfoot Hunter Everywhere " talks about his latest escapades in Disneyland .

Bigfoot Scare Prank