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Sleeping Sasquatch

Posted by Lee on December 15, 2013 at 10:30 PM

                                             Sleeping Sasquatch


Incident Type : Visual Sighting

Location : Interior of British Columbia

Year : 2011

Month : October

Day : 29th

Time of day : Mid Afternoon

Reported to the BCSO Dec 11th-2013

The witness has asked to keep the location of this report private . I've always respected my witnesses privacy so the location will not be mentioned or discussed any further .

The witness was out moose hunting and was driving at the time of his incident .

Report :

The witness had been hunting for some days and found the hiking to become very tiresome and had noticed scat in areas he'd previously been , he suspected he was being tracked by a Grizzly .

On this day the witness decided to drive his jeep to scout out the area's . The witness said he'd been driving for about a mile when his incident occurred .

The following is what the witness observed in his own words .

" I saw what I thought was a carving in a leaning fir tree . The carving was of a hairy man sleeping with his back to a fir tree, His hands across his abdomen , his feet were flat on the ground , knees bent .

I was 25 feet from the carving . I had stopped by now and was really looking over the carving .

It was the same color as the fir wood ,reddish brown . It was sitting in direct sun light and shone like it was varathaned .

It's head was leaning back with it's face to the sun .I saw the large brow ridges, closed eyes and broad nose . It was mostly covered in hair .

When I was looking at how the hair was grouped together and flowing down it's body , I realized that this was not a chain sawn carving like any I had ever seen before . I thought it must of been hand carved .

I wondered why the artist had grouped the hairs together like an un-brushed long hair dog ?

At this point I sucked in breathe (not knowing I was holding my breathe in ) and said , " how beautiful " .

I then turned to my right , reaching for my camera ,as I started to get out of my vehicle, I looked and noticed the carving was gone ? It didn't even make a sound" .

The witness never told anyone about his incident because he never really understood what it was he had seen that day .

He also doesn't know why he thought it was a carving at the time other then the fact the Sasquatch didn't move and was reddish brown, the same color as the fir tree it was leaning up against .

The witness also mentions of another report in the area . His daughter and her husband had a night time encounter . They had a Sasquatch run across the road in front of there headlights .

Important note : The witness was driving his jeep in bull low as to keep it quiet well looking for moose . This is when his incident occurred .









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