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Late Night Surprise

Posted by Lee on December 1, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Vancouver Island , Courtenay , British Columbia

The BCSO  received this report not even 24 hours after it happened .

#1: This report comes from the Courtenay area . The incident happened November 17th-2014 of last month .

This report was told to me by long time member and good friend Josh of the BCSO . Josh followed up the report by going with the witness to the exact location the day after this incident occurred , Nov 18th-2014 .

As with many of my reports the witnesses personal information and exact location will be omitted from this report . 

Here is the report as told to me .

Date of incident :  November 17th - 2014

Time of incident : Between 11;00pm and 11:45pm

Approx temperature at time of incident : close to +2 degrees. Sky clear .

Class/Type of report ; Visual sighting


The spot was picked by the witness as a good spot to take a girl for some time alone .

We will give the witness a fictional name for this story , "Earl" . 

The couple arrived at the location of incident at around 11pm . After spending about 45 minutes together in the truck, Earl temporarily stepped outside  but feeling uneasy quickly returned to the safety of his truck .Earl then turned his headlights on . To Earls astonishment he see's 2 red eyes looking back at him from a distance of about 100 feet .

Earl states he locked eye's with the creature for about 3 or 4 seconds . The creature then turned its head slightly looking up the hill on the side of a dirt road in which both Earls truck was parked and the creature was standing . The creature then proceeded to step off the side of the dirt road turning one last time to look in the direction of Earl . The creature then moved up the hillside disappearing in to the darkness .


Josh followed up this report the very next day by going with Earl to the location of incident . While there josh noted Earl was feeling uneasy and had goose bumps .

Josh talked to Earl more in depth about the possible height of the creature . The conclusion was that it stood between 7 feet and 8 feet tall .

Josh then asked about whether or not the creature was standing on 2 feet or possibly on all 4 . Earl said with out any doubt the creature stood on 2 feet . It was very clear .

Josh noticed the hillside the creature went up is covered in moss . Josh also observed what looked like a possible large track on the dirt road where the witness claimed the creature stood .

 Another note to mention is that well the couple was parked for 45 minutes, they had ,the windows rolled down and the music cranked . This is quite possibly the reason for the Sasquatch's presence in close proximity to the couples truck .


I then contacted another member of my team Cindy, who has spent countless hours in the field and who has become pretty savvy with sound recording devices .After giving Cindy the particulars she set up 3 sound recording devices in 3 locations triangulating the reported sighting location . 

Also noted is the sighting location in proximity to a sparsely populated area of humans which is about 3 to 4 klms .

This investigation is on going . This report may be slightly altered and added to as the investigation continues .

Stay tuned .....................










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Reply coastalcinder
2:45 AM on January 9, 2015 
Follow Up Report
November 27,2014

Audio field surveillance by utilizing 3 voice recorders in a triage pattern
Camouflaged audio, set within natural environment, no gifting.

Myself and Mom (Moki @ home)


Weather Cloudy, heavy rain with clearing of brief sunny periods -
Temp 55C
Wind SSE 18mph
Humility 82%
Pressure 29.59
Dew Point 50
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 31% Full
Sunrise 7:49 am
Sunset 4:24 pm

Audio Field Recorder #1 Elk Road
Olympics 2100 Start @ 12:40 pm
Voice recorder programmed to record from 10 pm -3 am
Parabolic Mic: Quiet
Observations: Fresh elk sign, rubs, tree breaks, widen game trails and fresh elk scat. Tree stand noted in area. Lower elk leg found/hunter. Older elk bones/pelvis covered with moss.
Briefly listened with parabolic mic with only natural sounds heard.
Audio Results: Heavy rain, ungulate fighting heard.

Audio Field Recorder #2 Bridge Road
Sony-silver Folder C-1 Start @ 1:51 pm
Parabolic Mic: Mom heard wood/twig break - when I was placing audio in tree line (me?)
Observations: Old wolf scat -no deer sign
Audio Results: *30 minutes only recorded - field audio had fresh batteries?
Heavy rain droplets, light movement with something at the ziploc bag bag covering the hidden audio - unknown

Audio Field Recorder #2 View
Sony-black Folder 02-02 Start @ 3:25 pm
Parabolic Mic: Continuous tree line movement in salal-most likely deer early evening
Observations: Environmental noise with hwy and water sources.
Audio Results: Knocking with replies x3, heavy rain periods, hwy noise with one incident of brief encounter near mic - unknown sniff.
Reply Bill
2:32 PM on February 8, 2015 
September 1973 I was fishing my way up to the waterfalls and was just past where the power lines go over top of the river,I stopped at one of my favorite deep fishing holes where there is a log jam, you have to walk across the river to get to this spot.When you river fish for rainbow trout half the battle is you have to be very quiet and sneak into a fishing hole.Where I came out of the water the dry rocks were wet as something not someone had crossed the river almost at the same spot as me .There were three small alder branches beside the wet rocks which had the leaves eaten off them ,I became very frightened as I could here faint noises on the other side of the log jam in the direction of the wet tracks on the rocks.The fact the I was downwind was not a good factor,I could see the tops of small alder tree moving around on the other side of the log jam.Thinking it was a big black bear that didn't know I was there I quietly climbed the log jam to get a look.Almost at the top a log jam a log slipped out from under me I fell dropped my fishing rod it the water I heard this loud cry / scream noise unlike anything Ive ever heard before I was up quickly & able top look over the top of the jam to see the top half of a very large figure running into the brush which turned back and very briefly glanced at me then disappeared into the heavy brush at a very fast pace.It was most definitely not a bear,I was terrified as Iquickly came off the log jam and headed back down the river at a fast pace leaving my rod in the water .There was a very foul smell in the air unlike anything Ive ever smelled before,like a cross between a skunk and a stink bug .I down river a very fast speed being 13 years old and very agile there was no way I was going to take the trail along the river I wanted to be right in the open .It didn't take me that long to make it to where the highway bridge is where I felt I was safe and back down the gravel road to are cottage.Not to name that creek but its the same one in the pic Ive fished off that big boulder at that canyon that as a kid Ive always called the falls.More to follow