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 This site has been created for all who are interested in the Sasquatch /Bigfoot phenomenon .

Hello , my name is Lee . My interest in the Sasquatch was sparked by a sighting I had back in the early summer of 1993 along with two of my brothers near Comox Lake on Vancouver island .

Our sighting happened during the early morning hours while looking for a camping spot on Comox Lake . My brothers and I rounded a corner as a large fur covered bipedal creature stepped out on to the road in front of our vehicle crossing the road at an extremely fast pace .

 During the time I had to quickly look at it , I managed to observe it from head to toe . What I was looking at resembled the 1967 Patterson/Gimlin film.

There is no question in my mind that what we had seen was an animal which walks upright on two feet and closely resembles an ape.

I can also tell you with out any doubt , that what we had seen during the early morning hours in June of 1993  was not a bear !

This sighting has been vividly etched into my memory . I will not rest until I've found the evidence required to prove beyond any questionable doubt that these animals exist , or I'll die trying !

In closing I would like to say ; I believe an ape like creature which walks on two feet exists in North America .  It's just a matter of time before science has the evidence it requires to add the Sasquatch to our list of "existing animals" native to the forests here in North America .


" Either the most complex and sophisticated hoax in the  history of anthropology has continued for centuries without being exposed , or the most manlike and largest non-human primate on earth has managed to survive in parts of North America and remains undiscovered  by modern science "

G.W Gill

President of the American

Board of Forensic Anthropology  

Thank you for visiting my site !

Lee , British Columbia Sasquatch Organization (BCSO)